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How to Use the VIP Past Paychecks” Option University Employees access electronic Pay Stub information by selecting the Past Paychecks” option on VIP, USC's Visual Information Processing System.
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How to fill out pay stub template with


Point by point, here is how to fill out a pay stub template and who needs it:

How to fill out pay stub template:

Gather necessary information: Collect all relevant information, such as employee name, address, social security number, pay period dates, and employment details.
Calculate earnings: Determine the employee's gross salary or hourly wage and calculate any overtime, bonuses, commissions, or other additional earnings.
Deduct taxes: Determine and deduct federal, state, and local taxes from the employee's earnings based on the applicable tax rates and allowances.
Subtract other deductions: Subtract any other deductions such as health insurance premiums, retirement contributions, or other company-specific deductions.
Calculate net pay: Subtract the total deductions from the gross earnings to calculate the net pay, which is the amount the employee will receive.
Fill in the pay stub fields: Enter the employee's name, address, pay period dates, and all the calculated figures into the corresponding fields on the pay stub template.
Include additional details: Add any additional information, such as the employee's hours worked, vacation or sick leave taken, or any other relevant information that may be required by the company.

Who needs pay stub template:

Small business owners: Small business owners can use pay stub templates to accurately record and provide payroll information to their employees.
Employers: Employers of any size can utilize pay stub templates to document and communicate the details of their employees' earnings and deductions.
Employees: Employees can benefit from pay stub templates as they provide a clear breakdown of their earnings, deductions, and net pay, ensuring transparency and a record of their income.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing pay stub template with calculator

Instructions and Help about pay stub template with calculator pdf form

And welcome back to another podcast with Mr Haggis on this podcast I'm going to continue talking about the personal income tax formula, so we're going to continue building this formula that we've been working on through the videos on this playlist and to do, so I'm going to start you'll see that there's some new items here, but I'm going to ignore them for a moment I'm going to come down here to the bottom and I just want to clean this up a little down here, so the first thing is when I want to get this centered here, so I'm just going to Center these, and then I'm going to change some colors here, so I just want to add a little of color so that we can highlight everything, so it's nice and easy on the eye so for along the top I'm going to put this darker color right here it's kind of whatever that color is I'm going to put that there along the top and then for all of these I'm going to go with a slightly light lighter color just to highlight them, so we'll go with a slightly lighter color and then down here on the bottom for my final answer I'm going to right-click format cells again, and I'm going to go back to that a little darker color just to make some things stand out so, so now we've got this looking a little better down here and these tax brackets well right now of course these are just tax brackets I made up I just made numbers up and put them in we'll put some real numbers in here later on, and we'll play with this once we get this final thing this final calculator built we'll come in, and we'll play with these now the other thing I want to set up here is I want to set up a paycheck stub so the way we're going to set up a paycheck stub you can see that I've added things, and you'll want to just pause me for a second and add these yourself we're gonna start here on a 14 we're going to have the different categories listed on your paycheck stub and then along the top we're going to have your tax rates that you face for different things your income your spouse's income and your total income, and we're going to build what a paycheck stub might look like so let's start with let's start with the federal now federal we don't have to put anything because your federal tax they're being calculated by all this craziness down here that's gonna feed into all this craziness up here, so that's being handled we've already dealt with the federal taxes, so we're not going to deal with theirs right now Social Security Medicare state taxes local taxes unemployment taxes we're going to add those, so before we do that we want to format these cells so from Social Security down to unemployment we want to format these cells, and we want them to be here we go we're going to go in a number, and we want those to be percentages, so we're going to put percentages in here, and I'm going to go to two decimal places on them, so that's going to format these cells and then let's let's put our tax information in here, so Social Security is at least the time that I'm doing...

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It is perfectly legal to create your own pay stubs, and you can do so easily using Check Stub Maker. However, creating pay stubs in order to apply for loans and other things is illegal.
If you need a pay stub template with detailed hourly data, this Excel option shows an itemized list of hours worked and hourly rates based on the type of shift completed. Enter the type of hours worked, number of hours, and pay rates, and the template will calculate the totals.
How to make a pay stub for your employees Start with the employee's total gross pay for the pay period. Add deductions for taxes withheld (federal, state, and local if applicable, as well as FICA). Deduct the employee-paid portion of health insurance premiums. Deduct employee-elected retirement plan contributions.
How to make a pay stub for your employees Start with the employee's total gross pay for the pay period. Add deductions for taxes withheld (federal, state, and local if applicable, as well as FICA). Deduct the employee-paid portion of health insurance premiums. Deduct employee-elected retirement plan contributions.
To help you craft the perfect direct or ePay stub, download one of our premium Pay Stub Templates. You can easily edit our templates in all versions of Microsoft Word. Our files are ready-made and 100% customizable to suit your preferences. This professionally-written template isn't just limited to a computer.

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1. Enter the employee's name, address, and contact information. 2. Enter the employee's gross pay and deductions, such as taxes, insurance, and other withholdings. 3. Calculate the employee's net pay, which is the amount of money the employee will receive after all deductions have been taken. 4. Enter the pay period, such as the date of the pay stub and the ending date of the pay period. 5. Enter the employer's name and address. 6. Enter additional information, such as vacation and sick time or other deductions. 7. Print the pay stub and sign it to complete the process.
A pay stub template is used to provide detailed information about an employee's wages and deductions. It typically includes the employee's name, employer, dates of pay period, gross and net pay, taxes and deductions, and other information. The pay stub is used by employers to help track and manage payroll, and by employees to verify their pay and deductions.
1. Employee's name 2. Company name 3. Pay period 4. Gross pay 5. Deductions 6. Net pay 7. Year-to-date earnings and deductions
The deadline to file a pay stub template is not set in stone as it will depend on the individual employer's policies. Generally, employers are required to provide employees with a pay stub at least once per pay period, which could be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.
The penalty for not filing a pay stub template on time varies depending on the state and other local laws. Generally, employers can be fined or even face criminal charges for not providing employees with accurate pay stubs.
A pay stub template typically includes the following information: 1. Employee information: Name, address, Social Security number, employee ID number, and department or position. 2. Employer information: Name, address, and contact details. 3. Pay period: The period for which the pay stub is generated, usually weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 4. Earnings details: This section provides a breakdown of the employee's gross wages for the pay period, including regular hours worked, overtime hours worked (if applicable), and any special allowances or bonuses. 5. Deductions: Information on the various deductions made from the employee's gross pay, such as taxes (federal, state, and local), Social Security contributions, Medicare contributions, health insurance premiums, retirement plan contributions, and other voluntary deductions (e.g., for employee benefits or loan repayments). 6. Net pay: This is the final amount the employee receives after all deductions have been subtracted from the gross pay. 7. Year-to-date (YTD) totals: A summary of the employee's earnings, deductions, and net pay for the current year. 8. Additional information: This may include details about vacation or sick leave balances, upcoming holidays, or any other relevant information. Pay stub templates can vary in design and layout, but they generally include the above-mentioned components to provide a clear and comprehensive breakdown of an employee's earnings and deductions.
The employer is typically required to provide a pay stub to their employees. Additionally, certain government agencies or institutions may require employers to file pay stub templates to ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States.
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